Stand C12C933151 for The Epson SureColor T3170 Printer

Optimize your printing experience by utilizing the Epson SureColor T3170 Stand. The purpose of this stand is to enhance the convenience and functionality of the SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X printers. The aforementioned product provides a sturdy base for the printer, along with the added benefit of incorporated rollers to facilitate smooth movement and easy installation.

The stand is furnished with a receptacle that functions to uphold the orderliness of your working area. The Epson 24″ Stand designed for the SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X Wireless Printers has been demonstrated to enhance productivity and streamline workflow.

Did you know that the already-famous printing quality of the Epson SureColor T3170 may be improved upon by purchasing the stand model number C12C933151? Designed to work only with the SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X printers, this accessory improves the printers’ use, performance, and stability.

Stand C12C933151 for The Epson SureColor T3170 Printer

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Epson 24″ Stand for SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X Wireless Printers, discussing its features and advantages.

Stand setup

The Epson SureColor T3170 stand is distinguished by its quick and simple construction. Assembling it is simple, so you can have your printer up and running fast and easily. The stand’s mobility is further enhanced by its use of wheels. The printer’s portability increases its flexibility to meet your individual demands in the office.

Printer Stand and Catch Basket

In addition to providing a secure platform for your device, this product also has a convenient catch basket. Particularly helpful when working with big print jobs is this catch basket. By corralling all printed materials in one place, you may maintain a more orderly work environment and make your prints easier to find when you need them.

Package Details

Your printing needs will be met in full when you invest in the Epson 24″ Stand for SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X Wireless Printers. It was made with these printers in mind, so there will be no issues with fit. Its generous proportions of 48 by 27 by 6.5 inches (L by W by H) mean that your printer will have plenty of room to operate in comfort. The box weighs close to 36 pounds; therefore, it must be of high quality and able to survive regular usage.

Improved Printing Workflow

The Epson SureColor T3170 stand is a valuable addition to any printing setup, allowing for streamlined processes and higher productivity. It raises the printer to a convenient working height, preventing the user from having to stoop over the machine. This ergonomic benefit not only increases user satisfaction but also helps boost output. The whole printing process, from setup to cleanup, is simplified with this device.

Technical Specification for C12C933151


  • SureColor T2170, T3170, T3170X


  • 24″ / 61cm


  • 36 lb.

Box Dimensions:

  • 48″ x 27″ x 6.5″


  • Easy


  • Included

Catch Basket:

  • Yes


  • Sturdy

Review for product model C12C933151 Stand

This device is a great addition to your printing infrastructure. It improves the SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X printers’ usability, reliability, and feature set. This product is a one-stop-shop for better printing quality, thanks to its straightforward setup, rollable design, and integrated catch basket. Purchase this product to improve the quality and productivity of your printing processes.

FAQ: Stand C12C933151

Q: Is it compatible with a others type of printers?

A:  No, it’s not compatible with any printer that isn’t an Epson SureColor T2170, T3170, or T3170X.

Q: How about if I don’t want to utilize the catch basket with the Stand?

A:  The stand comes with a catch basket, but using it is entirely up to you. Use it to gather paper documents, or disconnect it if you don’t need it.

Q: Can the rollers that come with the stand be taken off and used elsewhere?

A: As an inherent component of the printer, the rollers cannot be detached. They enable effortless relocation of the printer to a preferred spot within your work vicinity.

Q:  Can I use this product with a printer that isn’t standard size?

A:  The SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X are examples of 24″ / 61cm printers that are ideal candidates for this product. For best results and compatibility, use it with printers of the specified size.

Q: Can the height of this be modified in any way?

A: The printer’s height may be set precisely using this device. It can’t be lowered or raised in height.

Q: Can I count on the Epson SureColor T3170 Stand to hold up under heavy use?

A: The product has been constructed with a durable design to last and remain steady when the printer is in use. It can handle regular usage without breaking down.

Q: Can I print from my wireless printer with this product?

A: Epson SureColor T2170, T3170, and T3170X wireless printers are required for proper operation.

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