Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV 2020 Review

Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV is the most demanded and best available Smart TV for Home Users. This 4K Smart TV is powered by Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. It analyzes content to bring out OLED’s intense contrast with pure blacks, peak brightness and natural colors. This Smart TV provides Triluminos Display for best viewing experience.

Sony XBR-48A9S 4K Smart TV offers Acoustic Surface Audio for superb sound quality. 2.1 channel sound from the entire screen, creating an immersive multidimensional audio experience. This Smart TV offers Enhanced Game Mode. A Sony 4K game TV with dedicated Game Mode for a smoother, more responsive gaming experience will take your PlayStation vision to reality.

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Basic Question Asked on Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV

Q. How much is the resolution for Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV?

A. This Smart TV has a resolution of  4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p.

Q. What are the connectivity available in Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV?

A. This Sony 4K Smart TV features the following inputs: Wireless, Ethernet, HDMI, USB.

Q. What are the dimension of the Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV?

A. The dimension for this Smart TV are 42.13 x 10.13 x 24.88 inches.

Q. What are included in the box during purchase of this product?

A. During the purchase of Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV, the Box includes Remote, Batteries, Power Cord, Operating Manual, Setup Guide etc.

Q. How much this product weighs?

A. Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV weighs 29.9 pounds.

Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV

About Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV

Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV is the most demanded and best available Smart TV for Home Users. The Dimension for this Smart TV is 42.13 x 10.13 x 24.88 inches and it weighs 29.9 pounds.

Get a deep black and natural OLED colors, powered by the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, in a more compact size. Sound emerges from the entire screen, complemented by Acoustic Surface Audio, to bring image and sound into complete harmony.

With Sony’s 48 “MASTER Series A9S BRAVIA OLED TV, enjoy OLED picture quality and cinematic audio packed into a beautifully compact shape.”

OLED and Pixel Contrast Booster features for the Sony 4 K Smart TV. To contrast the absolute OLED black, millions of individual pixels are supercharged for more vivid colors.

Loyally expresses the intent of the designer on screen to provide the best image quality.

The Picture Processor X1 Ultimate is powered by the Sony XBR48A9S 4 K Smart TV. The best processor from Sony analyzes material to bring out the extreme contrast of OLED with pure blacks, peak luminosity and natural colors.

Enhanced Game Mode is offered on this Smart TV. Take your PlayStation experience to the next level for a smoother, more sensitive gaming experience with a Sony 4 K gaming TV with dedicated Game Mode.

The Sony XBR48A9S with Google Assistant is a smart Android TV. To monitor your TV and smart home gadgets, use your voice, quickly search for movies and shows, get responses, and handle tasks, all hands-free.

This Smart TV operates with Alexa to scan for digital media online and offline. Through your voice, stream smart camera feeds. Just ask Alexa to play music, launch video applications, turn up the volume, and more via an Alexa activated unit.

Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit Support are available on the Sony 4 K Smart TV. Integrate your iPhone and Siri devices seamlessly with your Sony TV for effortless smart home management and streaming of video.

This Smart TV offers the best picture quality for the Triluminos Display. See precisely what the designer intended with advanced gradation and color.

For excellent sound quality, the Sony XBR48A9S 4 K Smart TV provides Acoustic Surface Audio. 2.1 channel sound from the whole computer, providing an immersive view of multidimensional audio.

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Sony XBR48A9S 4K Smart TV Review

This television is superb. The image quality is excellent. Excellent contrast and brightness. Out-of-the-box, they’re quite well tuned.

It also has a fantastic sound quality for both movies and music. Google TV is a fantastic and quick service. It’s simple to set up. Overall, I am quite pleased.

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