PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer: Experience Superior Printing Excellence

Experience high-quality printing with the PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer. With its sophisticated CMYKWW L805 print head, get crisp 1440 x 1440dpi photos. Professional after-sales assistance ensures a smooth printing experience from installation to troubleshooting. The bundle contains a DTF printer, 100 DTF films, 6 ink bottles, 500g transfer powder, and accessories.

Print fabric, T-shirts, caps, and more to grow your company. With cutting-edge technologies including a white ink circulation system, avoid blockages and print uniformly. Expect quality, creativity, and unrivalled printing from PUNEHOD.

The PUNEHOD L805 DTF printer is unparalleled in its ability to produce high-quality printed materials. At an impressive 1440 x 1440 dpi, this printer produces images of unmatched quality thanks to its state-of-the-art CMYKWW L805 print head. Put an end to fuzzy prints with this printer. Your photos will be clear as day, displaying every detail with pinpoint accuracy.

PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer

Unparalleled Support Following Purchase

Customer satisfaction is their top priority at PUNEHOD. You may have faith in their committed after-sales staff to provide you with first-rate service for the duration of your DTF printer ownership. Their professionals are there to help you with any aspect of the process, from installation to troubleshooting. Everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned pros, may enjoy a trouble-free printing experience with this printer.

Integrated Set of Tools On PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer

Everything you need to begin printing is included in the A4 DTF printer bundle. Complete with the printer and an abundance of DTF film, ink, transfer powder, and other equipment, PUNEHOD spares no expense. You will have all the tools necessary to elevate your printing efforts to the next level with this all-inclusive bundle.

Adaptable Use Cases

This DTF printer’s robust scalability gives your company limitless potential. The printed designs made by this printer may be used on a broad variety of items, including cloth, T-shirts, caps, purses, shoes, and more. You may expand your offers and wow your audience with breathtaking designs using PUNEHOD, whether you’re in the fashion sector or the world of handicrafts.

PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer

Innovative Technology on PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer

Staying ahead of the curve with new technologies is something that PUNEHOD takes great pleasure in. The DTF A4 printer has a white ink circulation mechanism that keeps the ink from settling and makes sure your prints are consistent. In addition to a substantial three-month print head warranty, they provide continuous technical assistance and quality assurance services. You may have faith in PUNEHOD to handle all of your printing requirements.

A Tradition of Distinction

One of the most reliable sources for printing materials and equipment on a global scale, they has been in business since 2010. Their DTF printers provide guidance and ideas like never before, completely changing the game for handcrafted vendors when it comes to design. Inspiring companies with the right tools for success, PUNEHOD is at the forefront of the industry thanks to its vision centred on innovation and quality.

PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer

What Makes It Special?

With unrivalled service and support, they deliver high-quality DTF printers and accessories. Ink, PET film, and professional advice are all available from PUNEHOD. You may have faith in PUNEHOD to provide a trouble-free printing experience because of their dedication to quality.

Technical Details:

  • Paper dimensions: 8.5 by 11 inches
  • Quantity of Paper: 20
  • Matte is the paper finish.
  • Methods of Printing: Dot Matrix
  • Specifications: 8″ in depth, 11″ in width, and 33″ in height
  • Colour Maximum Print Speed: 1 pages per minute
  • One page per minute is the maximum speed for monochrome printing.
  • Final Product: Multicoloured
  • Unique Function: Automatic Power On

PUNEHOD L805 A4 DTF Printer Review

This DTF Printer is the best option for companies looking to improve their printing skills because to its unique features, extensive support, and outstanding printing quality. When you go with PUNEHOD, all sorts of doors will open for your artistic pursuits.



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