PRT Qutie Label Maker Machine Review

The absence of a need for either ink or toner makes the PRT Qutie Label Maker a useful and effective instrument. The Sorticker application on your mobile device enables the personalization, alteration, and printing of a broad range of text, numbers, photos, symbols, and logos, in addition to barcodes and QR codes, amongst other things.

With this PRT Qutie Label Maker Printer, you will be able to print whenever you want, wherever you are. Because the relevant label size spans from 0.24 to 0.6 inches (6 mm to 15 mm), it is perfect for organizing your kitchen, home, or company, as well as for gift-giving and other uses.

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PRT Qutie Label Maker is a powerful tool since it does not need ink or toner. The Sorticker APP allows for the customized modification and printing of a wide variety of text, numbers, pictures, symbols, and logos, as well as barcodes and QR codes, among other things.

PRT Qutie Label Maker Machine Review


The ultra-small body size of the 2022 Upgrade Version is 3.4 by 3.3 by 1.1 inches and is lighter and more compact than typical label machines.

After being completely charged, a large-capacity lithium battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh can print 980 feet of miles constantly. Put an end to those outdated, bulky models that are a waste of money.

You can Print Anytime, Anywhere from this PRT Qutie Label Maker Printer.  The applicable label size ranges from 0.24 to 0.6 inches (6 mm to 15 mm), making it ideal for organizing your kitchen, house, or business, as well as for gift-giving and other purposes.

PRT Qutie Label Maker Machine may be used for labeling spice racks, cosmetic jewelry boxes, folders, food storage containers, and pocket organizers so that labels can be readily customized.

Printing of a High Quality This thermal label printer is capable of providing 203DPI printing resolution, high-quality clarity, and a smooth printing experience. The DPI has been enhanced by 25%. Say goodbye to sluggish, hazy.

Installation of the Application and Instructions for Using PRT Qutie Label Maker:

  • Download the Sorticker APP from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Launch the program and activate the labeling machine
  • Choose the Qutie model from the drop-down menu.
  • To connect your device, turn on the bluetooth and click the button.
  • Start your entertainment printing adventure

PRT Qutie Label Maker is of astonishing size and weighs just 150 grams (0.33 lb), which makes it shorter and lightweight than a cell phone (3.3 X 3.42 X 1.14 inches). Because of its small size, this label maker is easy to transport, so you can keep the party going wherever you go.

PRT Label Maker’s Featured Advantages

PRT Qutie Label Maker comes with a 203 DPI with a 25 percent improvement, resulting in a more clear picture.
The conventional label maker is much larger and heavier than its inkless counterpart, which is also significantly smaller.

Long working duration thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, which may be used on a single charge for up to three months!

This pocket-sized, wireless, Bluetooth label printer from PRT is small enough to fit in your hand and gives you the freedom to print whenever and anywhere you choose.

PRT Qutie Label Maker offers additional templates, as well as Fonts. You may choose from up to 48 borders, 360 stickers, and 28 different typefaces.

Easily choose between a variety of typefaces, as well as manually create your own text. It is a portable label printer for smartphones that uses bluetooth.

Simply connect to the entertaining PRT Qutie Label Maker by downloading the free SORTICKER APP, turning on the bluetooth on your phone, and connecting with a single click.

PRT Qutie Label Maker Machine Review

The application is packed with a vast assortment of resources, such as a variety of fonts, text editing modes, and other functions. Slide the cover up to reveal the paper slot. You may also like ZEBRA ZD410 Monochrome Label Printer Review.

Label printer PRT-Qutie is in the packing list includes:

  • PRT-Qutie sticky labels
  • USB Type-C communication cable
  • User guide to use PRT-Qutie Label Maker
  • Printer keychain

Few Related Question to PRT Qutie Label Maker

Q. To ensure that the new label adheres properly, is it necessary to first remove the backing from it?

A. Yes, you will need to peel the old label off before applying the new one in order for it to cling properly.

Q. Could you tell me whether this paper can withstand oil?

A. Yes, it can withstand oil.

Q. How do I get rid of the error notice that says “Paper Error”?

A. Before you calibrate the machine, you’ll need to remove the paper roll from it. The paper roll should then be inserted, and the continues paper editor should be chosen before beginning.

Q. To clarify, the video seems to imply that the labels are waterproof; are they?

A. You may be certain that each and every label is watertight.

Q. Does PRT  Label Printer have the capability to print in different languages?

A. Yes! as you want.

Q. What is the maximum allowable height for the text on a label for PRT Qutie Label Maker Machine?

A. The maximum allowable height for the text on a label is 15MM.

Q. What color tape do you get with this purchase?

A. The proper answer is thermal tape in white.

Q. Is there English instruction available in the package?

A. Yes, and there is an English instruction manual included.


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