Phomemo M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer Review

The Phomemo M02 Pro is a small portable printer with a lot of demand this year. It offers quick printing, effective learning, amusement, and the joy of picture printing wherever you go.

This printer allows you to save recordings of your greatest memories for a longer length of time so that you may look back on them anytime you choose. Organizations may use the Phomemo M02 photo printer to print papers, analytical notes, financial data, and other documents.

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About Phomemo M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer

Phomemo M02 Pro is a mini portable printer that has a high demand on the market this year. It provides fast printing, efficient learning, entertaining, and gives you the pleasure of photo printing anywhere you take it.

Phomemo M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer

This Printer helps to Keep records of your life best memories for a more extended period so that you can view them whenever you want. Phomemo M02 photo printer is great for organizations to prints documents, analysis notes, Financial records, etc.

You can easily control the setting configuration of this Printer with the help of Phomeno app installed in your ios or android devices from the app store/play store.

This Printer comes with 1 USB Cable, Thermal Printing Paper, User Manual, and a box.

In case of damages in the charging port, do not try to charge the Printer. Always pull out the charging cable after finish the charging. Improper charging methods could because damages to the print head.

It helps in publishing pictures, to-do list, OCR text recognition, plan journal or some other DIY idea. It is an excellent device for fun printing that changes your lifestyle.

The Phomemo M02 Pro Printer is a handheld thermal printer with an adjustable paper holder, so you’ll never have to worry about your paper becoming stuck or jammed.

Customers may get a one-year servicing guarantee from the manufacturer, so it’s a good idea to give it a try.

Phomemo M02 Pro Mini Photo Printer Review

It’s a lot of fun to use! With a range of thermal paper types, it produces high-quality sticker output. It’s quiet, quick, and easy to transport! It’s simple to connect, print, and load paper.

You may also print ordinary pictures, lists, gift labels, tiny banners, drawings, and just about anything else you can think of. It’s ideal for anybody to utilize.

The most typical questions asked about Phomemo M02 Pro Printer

Q. Does Phomemo M02 Pro Printer need ink cartridge?

A. This Printer doesn’t need an ink cartridge because it supports thermal printing.

Q. How to print photos from ios or android devices on this Printer?

A. You can install the Phomeno app from the app store/play store to print photos from an ios or android device.

Q. What are the dimensions of paper that work with the Phomemo M02 Pro Printer?

A. The Printer supports 53mm x 3.5m size of thermal paper.

Q. How much time does this printed photo last?

A. Printed photo from Phomemo M02 Pro Printer lasts for two years.

Q. Does this Printer come with the printer paper during an order?

A. Yes, it comes with a roll of thermal paper during an order of Phomemo M02 Pro Printer.

Q. What is the DPI of photos printed from this Printer?

A. The print resolution of Phomemo M02 Printer is 300dpi which gives the best photo printing.

Q. What is the operating interface of the Phomemo M02 Pro Printer?

A. It operates with a 5V-2A adapter for quick charging.

Q. What is the battery capacity of this Printer?

A. The Battery capacity of this Printer is 1000mAh, which gives long-lasting to enjoy your printing.

Q. Does it need special skills to operate?

A. It is easy to set up and doesn’t need higher professional skills to operate.

Q. What are the features of this projector?

A. Some unique features of this projector are fast printing, higher battery life, portable, quick charge, efficient learning, entertaining, etc.

Q. Does the product comes under warranty service?

A. The company provides a 1-year warranty to its product for its customers.

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