The LG OLED77GXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV is the most popular and greatest Smart TV available for home entertainment. It produces a beautiful image that is bright and crisply clear, providing the finest cinematic experience for you and your family. This Smart OLED TV makes it simple to access entertainment. You can quickly locate what you want and access Disney Plus, the Apple TV app, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Prime Video, and other services.

The LG OLED Wallpaper Design is so thin that it seems to be a part of the wall. Only LG OLED TVs can achieve this very small profile, which is measured in millimeters. With perfect blackness, infinite contrast, and over a billion vivid colors, it creates a stunning picture. This Smart TV can quickly discover what you’re searching for and provides quick access to Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, the Apple TV app, Prime Video, Sling, and other popular streaming services.

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Most Frequently Asked Question for LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV

Q. What are the connectivity available in LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV?

A. The connectivity available in this Smart OLED TV is Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI for playing online and offline media contents.

Q. How is the picture quality for LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV?

A. This Smart TV gives Outstanding Picture quality that improves color, contrast, transparency, and clarity for the best possible image quality, which offers the best cinematic experience.

Q. What holds this to the wall, exactly?

A. The LG OLED65WXPUA must be mounted on your wall using the supplied unique Wall Mount.

Q. What is the processor of LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV?

A. This Smart TV has an α9 third-generation AI processor, which gives the best performance and watching experience.

Q. Does it include HDMI 2.1?

A. Yes, all of the WX’s HDMI inputs are version 2.1, including HDMI 1 includes e(ARC).

Q. Is the sound bar part of the television set?

Q. Is this Bluetooth compatible?

A. Yes, the TV is Bluetooth-enabled.

A. It is equipped with 60 watt speakers.

Q. Does it support Dolby Atmos while watching movies?

A. LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV support Dolby Atmos which gives the best sounding effect and viewing experience with your family and friends.

Q. What is the dimension and weight for LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV?

A. This smart OLED TV has a dimension of 56.9 x 0.15 x 32.4 inches, and it weighs 70.9 pounds.


LG OLED65WXPUA 4K Smart OLED TV is the highly demanded and most affordable Smart TV for Home Entertainment. It gives the best picture quality that offers you and your family the best viewing experience.


The dimension for this smart oled tv is about ‎56.9 x 0.15 x 32.4 inches and it weighs 34.1 pounds. No gap, hardly any shadow. LG’s wallpaper style is so sleek; the OLED television fits into the wall. Only OLED can produce a radically thin, in mm measured description.

And just OLED pixels produce their light for total black, vivid color and beautiful picture — backed with our best 4 K processor, AI Picture Pro, and AI Sound Pro, home automation apps, and game tech.

LG OLED65WXPUA is A 4 K Smart OLED TV wallpaper offering the ultimate theatrical experience for your family members and friends. No shadow, no gap.

Wallpaper Design by LG OLED is so slim that it looks like it’s part of the wall. With LG OLED TVs, the extremely thin appearance is measured in millimeters and is only possible.

The light-show is dominated by around 8.3 million pixels. Millions of pixels are giving off to their light. Only OLED can entirely and autonomously switch pixels off. See amazing picture, proper black, infinite contrast, and more than one billion vibrant colors.

This Smart TV is driven by webOS and AI Thinq, which provides you with a simple way to access enjoyment. Quickly find what you’re going to look for and access Disney Plus, the Apple TV app, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Prime Video, and more, over an app for custom entertainment suggestions. A massive library of content awaits.

On our a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4 K, everything that you can see and hear is automatically made better, simpler, smoother, and more fluid. With AI Picture Pro, AI Sound Pro, AI 4 K Upscaling, and the ability to support your TV evolve, our another very advanced 4 K processor does it for you.

This Smart TV gradually increases gaming mode for the great result of gaming. LG OLED TV is designed for gambling. The standard of AI-powered images transports you to the moment.

Playing games features and the latest technology will give you an edge with fewer lags, higher frame rates, and super comfortable and flexible gameplay.

LG 49NANO85UNA Smart UHD NanoCell TV

Contents included: Remote Control, power cable, e-manual.


OLED is incredible, and I adore it!! These are fantastic televisions. You may also utilize pixel refresh rate; just disable it. They are now designed to self-correct if you have an accident and leave it on the same image for an extended period of time.

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