Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer Review

The pros and negatives should always be weighed before making a large investment. The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw multifunction printer can do a wide variety of jobs, including printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in black and white.

Small workplaces, which are both busy and low volume, may make good use of its high productivity, user-friendliness, and paper/toner capacity. The paper capacity may be expanded to a maximum of 900 sheets, and you have access to Canon’s worldwide service and support network.

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The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw is a cutting-edge multifunction printer with a wide range of helpful functions, ideal for both home and office usage.

Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer Review

The MF452dw’s lightning-fast print speeds are one of the machine’s most impressive features. This printer is ideal for big businesses or busy people that need to print many papers fast and effectively, since it can produce up to 34 pages per minute for Letter and up to 32.4 pages per minute for Legal.

The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw isn’t only fast, but it also has a ton of different ways to hook up to other devices. The Canon PRINT Business software and Wi-Fi or Ethernet networking make it simple for users to connect their devices to the printer.

This makes printing hassle-free from any location at any time. Secure printing and user identification are only two of the many high-tech safeguards available on the MF452dw.

The MF452dw was developed with productivity in mind and hence has convenient features including as large paper tray and automatic duplex printing. As a result, users may save time and resources by printing on both sides of a sheet of paper without physically flipping it over.

In both home and office settings, the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw proves to be an efficient and trustworthy printing solution thanks to its comprehensive set of optional accessories. This multifunction printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine is perfect for busy home or small office environments.

In addition to its other strengths, the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw’s ability to produce high-quality prints is a major selling point. This printer has a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, allowing for very clear text. As a result, it’s a great option for printing everything from academic papers to promotional materials.

Duplex scanning and network scanning are just two of the sophisticated scan capabilities included with the MF452dw, making it simple to digitize and distribute documents. Scanning to email, a network folder, or a USB drive is now an option, making it simple to share or archive scanned documents.

The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw is an excellent addition to any workplace because of its stylish and space-saving design. The printer’s settings and functionalities may be accessed quickly and with little effort thanks to the 5-inch color touch LCD display.

The tray can accommodate paper sizes up to legal, and the printer can print on a variety of paper types (including cardstock, labels, and transparencies).

The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw is a versatile device that can print, scan, and duplicate at a high standard of quality. It’s a multi-purpose machine that can print, copy, scan, and fax in bulk, making it ideal for use in workplaces of any size.

Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer Review

The MF452dw provides an excellent balance of performance and adaptability with its superior security features, networking choices, and high-resolution printing capabilities, making it a great fit for any business.

The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw is a wireless, duplex, and high-capacity all-in-one laser printer. It also has a high-resolution touch screen and fast printing speeds.

This printer’s speedy duplex printing, wireless connection, and ample paper capacity make it an excellent option for busy home offices and collaborative workgroups. If you need a multifunction laser printer that is fast, dependable, and affordable, go no further than this model.

Features included on the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw, a multifunction laser printer, include:

  • Canon imageCLASS MF452dw offers Connectivity without wires.
  • It’s best to print on both sides of the paper (double-sided)
  • This printer offers large capacity for paper.
  • Rapid print times
  • Screen resolution for touch input is high
  • Document feeder that is automatic (ADF)
  • Printing from a mobile device is supported by Canon imageCLASS MF452dw.
  • Support for Ethernet
  • Protections against unsecured printing
  • Uses very little energy while yet being effective.
  • Easily send scans over email, network, USB, or computer.
  • Use the Canon PRINT Business app to print from your mobile device.
  • Scanning, copying, and faxing several pages at once using the automatic document feeder.
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of media formats and sizes in Canon imageCLASS MF452dw.
  • Use the Canon PRINT Business app to print from your mobile device of choice.
  • Validation by Energy Star®
  • An administrative breeze
  • Economical and dependable
  • Fantastic for the home office or cooperative workplace.

These are Specs of Canon’s multifunction laser printer, the imageCLASS MF452dw:

  1. Printing speeds of up to 28 ppm (letter) and up to 26 ppm (A4) are possible.
  2. Canon imageCLASS MF452dw multifunction Printer offers up to 2400 x 600 dpi print resolution (dots per inch)
  3. The maximum optical scan resolution is 600 by 600 dots per inch, while the maximum possible resolution is 9600 by 9600 dots per inch (interpolated)
  4. Letter-size paper may be copied at a maximum speed of 28 pages per minute (ppm), and A4 paper can be copied at a maximum speed of 26 ppm.
  5. The max copy resolution of 600 x 600 dpi is offered by Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer
  6. 33.6 Kbps is the maximum speed at which a fax may be sent (Super G3 color fax)
  7. Up to 512 pages of fax memory
  8. 250-sheet cassette, 50-sheet multipurpose tray, and 50-sheet automatic document feeder.
  9. The paper size ranges from 3.9 by 5.8 inches (Cassette) to 8.5 by 14 inches (Multipurpose Tray) and 5.8 by 5.8 inches (ADF) to 8.5 by 14 inches.
  10. USB 2.0, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity options
  11. Canon imageCLASS MF452dw printer provide support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  12. 5-inch color touch screen liquid crystal display
  13. It is 7.8″ x 18.3″ x 15.4″(453 mm x 464 mm x 392 mm) in dimension.
  14. Total of Approx. 35.7 lb.  or 16.2 kg mass
  15. Sleep mode uses 1.5 watts, wireless LAN standby uses 1.5 watts, and normal operation uses 1.5 watts (energy saver mode)
  16. Energy Star, Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Gold Seal, and the Blue Angel seal of approval.
  17. In addition, you may print from your mobile device, use the automated document feeder, and scan to several destinations including email, a network folder, a USB drive, or your computer.
  18. It offers warranty Timeframe up to One Year.

When looking for a multifunction laser printer for a small office or workgroup, look no further than the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw. It has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other product.


  • Canon imageCLASS MF452dw offers superior print speeds and quality.
  • Printing on both sides of the paper at once
  • Large capacity for paper
  • Screen resolution for touch input is high.
  • Document feeder that is automatic
  • Printing from a mobile device
  • Support for Ethernet
  • Protections against unsecured printing
  • Uses very little energy while yet being effective.
  • Easily send scans over email, network, USB, or computer.
  • Use the Canon PRINT Business app to print from your mobile device of choice.
  • An administrative breeze
  • Economical and dependable


  • The price is rather high compared to competing printers.
  • Problems with online access have been reported by certain users.
  • Heavyweight
  • Setup may be difficult, according to some users’ reports.
  • In the opinion of some, the touchscreen’s responsiveness leaves much to be desired.
  • Options for paper handling are limited.
  • There is no automated process to set up wifi.
  • It’s a monochrome printer.

When considering a major purchase, it’s always wise to consider the benefits and drawbacks. The Canon imageCLASS MF452dw may be the best printer for you, but that depends on your individual requirements and your budget.

Black-and-white printing, copying, scanning, and faxing are just some of the many tasks that can be accomplished with the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw multifunction printer.

Having great productivity, user-friendliness, and substantial paper and toner capacities, it is ideal for usage in busy, low-volume settings such as those found in small offices. Canon’s global network of service and support is at your disposal, and the paper capacity may be increased to a maximum of 900 sheets.

Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer Review

The One Pass Duplex Scan function of this printer facilitates the rapid scanning of both sides of a page in a single pass through the ADF. Also, it can print up to 34 pages per minute and has a first print out time of less than 6 seconds (letter).

Through the use of a WiFi Direct Connection, it is possible to bypass the necessity for a router when linking mobile devices. It’s also possible to print from mobile devices thanks to the printer’s compatibility with Mopria Print Service, Apple AirPrint, and Canon PRINT Business.

Keeping up with your printing demands while avoiding downtime caused by toner replacement is possible with the high-capacity toner option.

Few Related Question that was mostly Asked on Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer

Q. Is it possible to scan many pages at once? If so, what is the maximum number of pages that may be included?

A. You may scan numerous pages at once using the printer’s automatic document feeder. As much as 50 sheets of paper may be fed into the ADF tray.

Q. To my knowledge, the Canon imageCLASS MF452dw features scan and copy on both sides. Can you print on both sides with the MF452dw?

A. Yes, The MF452dw is capable of doing duplex printing. If you look at the model number of an imageCLASS printer and see a d at the end, you’ll know that it can print on both sides at once.

Q. How large of a scan can I expect, ideally 11×17?

A. The MF452dw can scan documents up to legal (8.5×14) in size from the ADF and letter (8.5×11) from the platen glass.

Q. Can this printer make copies?

A. Yes, this multifunction printer can copy and scan double-sided documents. It can copy tiny things like photographs and IDs, and it features an automated paper feeder.

Q. Do you get ink with that?

A.  Yes, it comes with a toner cartridge during the purchase of Canon imageCLASS MF452dw Printer.

Q. Does it need a computer to set up or operate, or can I do it all on my phone?

A. As a result, the MF452dw may be linked to an Android or iOS smartphone without the need for a computer. The Canon Print Business app allows you to connect your mobile device to the printer over the same wireless network.

Q. Despite only printing in black and white, is there a potential that this can be scanned in color?

A. The MF452dw’s scanner is capable of both color and monochrome scans.

Q. Does this printer print on “Legal Size Paper”?

A. If you want to utilize legal-sized paper with your MF452dw, you may do so by loading it into the front paper cassette. You may use the MF452 to make copies of legal-sized documents by feeding them into the auto document feeder on top.

Q. Assuming optical character recognition (OCR), can this be scanned into OneNote?

A. The MF452dw may be used with many versions of Windows and is compatible with popular software such as Onenote.

Q. Does anybody know whether Windows 10 is supported?

A. Yes, Canon imageCLASS MF452dw is Windows 10 ready.

Q. To what extent are USB and Ethernet connections supported?

A. The MF452dw supports USB and ethernet connections, so it’s easy to set up and share with your network.


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