APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector Review

The APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector is a budget-friendly movie projector that provides the best home theater experience. Its original resolution of 800*480P ensures bright and vivid visual quality for home enjoyment.

The APEMAN LC450 projector has a more costly modern optical system with 1080p resolution and is dust-proof. Thanks to dual-channel cooling technology, the projector can be quickly cooled and the bulb life increased to 50,000 hours. The projector lasts longer and is more reliable.

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Most Typical Question on APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector

Q. Does APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector support for  keystone correction?

A. Yes, it offers vertical keystone correction of ±30° so that to obtain a good picture, you don’t have to move the projector slowly.

Q. It is durable?

A. The projector is more robust and efficient thanks to dual-channel cooling systems, which can swiftly cool the machine and increase the light life to 50,000 hours.

Q. What can I do to improve the picture quality of my APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector?

A. To achieve a better picture, it’s best to operate the projector in a reasonably dark setting.

Q. How large can the screen be while maintaining decent visual quality?

A. Although the maximum screen size is 120 inches, you may obtain a better picture with a screen size of less than 120 inches.

Q. Is this projector sufficiently bright?

A. For a cheap projector, it’s rather bright.

Q. What is the energy usage?

A. The projector consumes 60 watts of energy.

Q. Is it difficult to link this projector to a phone?

A. Yes, you can connect this projector to a phone using either a lightning to HDMI or a Mini USB to HDMI cord, based on your smartphone; but, if you’re using an Android smartphone, a Chromecast is the best option.

Q.  How much is the contrast ratio?

A.  APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector offers contrast ratio of 3000:1 that gives bright and vivid picture quality for home entertainment.

Q. How long is the warranty period for this unit?

A. The manufacture offers one year warranty to its product.

APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector

About APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector

The APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector is a budget-friendly movie projector that delivers the greatest cinematic experience at home. It has a native resolution of 800*480P, which provides bright and vivid image quality for home entertainment.

The APEMAN LC450 projector uses a more expensive contemporary optical system that enables 1080p resolution and is completely sealed to keep dust out. Make sure you don’t miss any of the film’s incredible scenes.

The projector’s dimensions are 4.3 x 5.4 x 5.7 inches, and it weighs about 2 pounds. The unusual leather handle design makes it easy to move from one place to another. You may comfortably carry it to your family and friends’ movie night.

Dust is kept out of the projector thanks to the entirely sealed optical components. It prevents black spots from appearing on the projected picture.

The machine can be swiftly cooled and the bulb life may be extended to 50,000 hours thanks to dual-channel cooling technology. The projector is more long-lasting and dependable.

You don’t need to move the projector slowly to acquire a good picture since it has excellent 30°vertical keystone correction. You can always receive a square picture seven with the remote control in your palm, even at a specific angle.

Unlike the tiny body, the projector has a 120″ larger screen with low strobe LED technology, which provides an outstanding viewing experience while also protecting your eyes.

You may experience the cinema-quality surround sound thanks to the Dual Stereo speakers. If you like to check more best video projector, you can read YABER V3 mini portable projector.

The APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector has HDMI, USB, and AV connections and may be used with a phone, a firestick, an Android TV box, an Xbox, a PC, and many other devices.

APEMAN items come with a 30-day refund and exchange policy as well as a one-year warranty. If you want assistance, please contact us using the email address shown on the final page of the user guide.

APEMAN LC450 Mini Video Projector Review

This is a fantastic small projector. I already own a little pico projector, but I wanted to get this one for a different purpose; it’s fantastic.

The image size and quality are both excellent. To get an impression of the color and size of the screen, look at my photos. I believe you could even go a little farther.

I enjoy that this projector has a remote; my former projector doesn’t, but this one does. I’m also grateful that it comes with an HDMI cable.

This is something I would suggest to everyone. I saw that several of them referenced external audio, so I used HDMI to connect my laptop to the projector and an external speaker to my laptop, and it worked well.

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