• ETROBOT UV Light Disinfection lamp Portable (2 Pack)

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    【UV-C Light Technology】As stated by the approved laboratory study, the ultraviolet disinfection can destroy 99.99% Dirty things.
    【Suitable to Carry】The dimensions of this UV Sanitizer lamp is little. It’s ideal for office, home, school, hotel, and traveling. It’s a handy design to use for mobiles, I-pads, toys, laptops, laptops, toothbrushes, remote controls, doorknobs, toilet covers, mugs, steering.
    【Disinfect Efficiently and Instantly 】UV sanitizer wand will make surroundings clean and safe in a short time, won’t damage any substances. Brush the UV disinfection rod across the top.
    【Easy to use】Flip it open, press on the switch to 1 minute, and only scan the place to become sanitized.

  • The Germ Reaper Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer

    The Germ Reaper Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer Review

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    The Germ Reaper Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer is the best UV light sanitizing wand available for any pandemic. Before bacteria and viruses come into touch with your skin, the Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer wand exposes them.

    It kills bacteria immediately with UV radiation before reacting with the oxygen in the air. This process employs a lightning strike to safely eliminate germs or viruses, leaving a clean, fresh, and odor-free atmosphere with no residue or chemical odor.

  • Sale! Handheld Germicidal UV Disinfection Lamp

    Handheld Germicidal UV Disinfection Lamp Review

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    Handheld Germicidal UV Disinfection Lamp is the best available solution for home, office, and school sterilization. Any private and public areas, including hospitals.

    Disinfection lamp seems to be more effective than liquid disinfectants, has no unpleasant odor after disinfection, covers a 40-square-foot area, is secure to store, and is safe and appropriate to use. It is made of quartz and has a wavelength of 254nm. It has a long battery life, a greater transmission rate, and a superior sterilizing effect.